Monday, December 1, 2008

cooking #1

special porridge by me:

- some oats
- some frozen berries
- some water
- some raisins
- some almonds or hazelnuts or both
- fresh apple or banana or whatever you want

1. Put the frozen berries with the oats and raisins in a pot. Add water, until everything is well covered.

2. boil it but be cautious not to burn your tasty breakfast :)

3. the oats will suck the water, so just stop boiling, when you thing the liquidity of your porridge is ok.

4. (you can do this while boiling, but thats more risky) Put some almonds/hazelnuts in a blender and blend them to small pieces. Add some raisins and blend again, but not too much...

5. Add the result of (4) to your porridge and mix.

6. Add fresh fruits of your choice to your porridge and mix.

7. hmmm tasty!!

ya ya I know, my recipe has not very precise informations. "some" is a variabel amount, which you have to experiment and to determine by yourself!
Good Luck :)

I do not bare responsibility for any injurys ...

1 comment:

  1. I miss eating breakfast with you!
    Like it that you are learning to cook :)
    Hope you have a blessed time!

    miss you,
    your brother